In “Structural Film”, Sitney’s chapter wrote about many filmmakers who made structural films in the early 60s. He also stated that structural film approaches the idea of meditation but can also create a state of consciousness without it. He also argued that Andy Warhol was the major precursor of the structural film. Andy Warhol became a filmmaker unlike any other filmmaker of his time. He entered the film industry at the height of his painting career in order to create a new artistic medium. When he accomplished this, he quickly became a major filmmaker within the first several years. Andy Warhol created more major films in a small period of time than most filmmakers will ever do in their life. But,after Chelsea Girls (1966) premiered, which is considered to be his most important film, he lost his status of being an important filmmaker. Chelsea Girls is an experimental underground film that was shot at Hotel Chelsea in New York City. It was presented in a split screen and alternated between black and white and color photography. The film followed the lives of young women who lived there and Warhol’s superstars. It did not have a moral or narrative inflection and also did not have a normal plot. In Brakhage’s Dog Star Man, the introduction was filled with interesting graphics, but made it hard to connect to the film because the graphics seemed like they could cause seizures. There was not a plot to the film and made it difficult to connect with. But there were interesting images.

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