In “Structural Film” Sitney explained how people who watch experimental films can get confused with simple and conceptual art. He states that films are extensive than compressed and static than rhythmic. Sitney also states that the newest stage of cinema is now the structural film. In “On ‘Structural Film'” George Maciunas stated how Sitney’s definition for structural film is wrong because it is defined through the ideas of art, philosophy, concept art, and structural art. He was the founding member and central coordinator of FLUXUS and viewed it as a non art reality. In “America Post-War”, Malcolm Le Grice wrote how the American abstract film movement began before World War II started. He explains that in that time period, there were many artists who expressed their work in metaphysical art. In “Around 1966”, Le Grice states how avant-garde became mainstream in the 1960s. It apparently was as popular as mainstream film of that era. In “Yoko Ono: #4 (Bottoms)”, Scott MacDonald explained how Yoko Ono began to make American avant-garde films and before she became a filmmaker, she studied poetry and music. Ono explored the ideas of conceptual and performance art.

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